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Adult Program

Director of Tennis: Mike Ridener

Adult Tennis Instruction
Private Lessons 

Our teaching pros can work with you on an individual basis to improve your game.  Cost varies based on your teaching pro. Click here to see teaching pros and rates.

Semi Private Lessons  
Would you like to be on the court with your doubles partner to work on specific drills or strategies?  Schedule a semi private lesson with one of our top notch teaching pros and let them work with you on tactics and techniques that will make you a dynamic duo
Group Lessons/Clinics 
Come work on your game with 3 or 4 student to teacher ratio.  This is a great way to practice live ball drills, doubles techniques, and serve and return to play out points.  Click here to see teaching pros and rates.
Adult Excellence Training (AET)  

This is a natural progression from PTA.  These clinics are more drill oriented where players are instructed in strategy, drills and live ball play.  AET is a weekly sign up for many different levels of player.  AET clinics are 1.5 hours of instruction each.  Tom Gorman is the director of AET. You may sign up for AET by calling Glen Creek Tennis Club at 412-833-3080.

Open Clinic

Participants will enjoy fast paced drills and games focusing primarily on doubles strategy and positioning.  This is a weekly sign up clinic and taught by Mike Ridener.  Please sign up by calling 412-833-3080. 

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is 90 minutes of heart-pumping fitness.  Participants will enjoy fast paced drills and games designed to elevate the heart rate.  Clinics are set to music and you will be challenged.  Come give it a try for a change of pace!

Contract Court Time

Contract court time is available at Glen Creek Tennis Club.  This is prepaid court time that gives you and your group a permanent booking for an entire season (indoor or outdoor) at Glen Creek Tennis Club.  Regular court rates apply. Non-members playing in Contract Court Time pay a $10 guest fee each time they play.  Contact Tom Gorman if you are interested in Contract Court Time Reservations.




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